Special Council

Roy Salisbury
Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Restructuring, Crisis Management, Strategy, Private Equity, Non Profits, Philanthropy
Roy Y. Salisbury is a seasoned executive with an unparalleled set of experiences that began with his education with the United States Marine Corp. He has built multi-million dollar businesses by hand and hard work, and is the Founder and Managing Partner of RYS&Co. His vision and ability to build compliant and successful transactions in complicated scenarios is a constant throughout his career. He offers to DPOUSA immeasurable value.
Brian Jue
Capital Formation, Venture Capital, M&A, Investment Banking, Media Investment, Strategic Positioning, IoT, FinTech, Marketing, Business Development, Sports and Entertainment Industries.
Brian Jue contributes to the DPOUSA Special Council significant experience, expertise in numerous areas, and the resources of an immense network. He has the experience and perspective of having been both the issuer and investor for a wide range of companies from the start-up to the publicly traded levels. He has been a Founder, CEO, Investor, Director, and Participant in multiple exits, ranging from 2x to 20x returns.
John Chi
Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Stem Cell Biology, Start-Ups, Emerging Growth Companies, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Virtual Reality, 3D Animation, Kung Fu
John Chi brings to the DPOUSA Special Council the rarity of a CTO, scientist, and engineer. His high level of technical expertise is accentuated with business acumen. He has the ability to both design and create in an efficient and cost effective manner, and can quickly identify a business’ scientific and technical proficiencies and deficiencies.
Brian Johnson
Major League Baseball, Management, Strategy, Evaluation, Motivation, Business Development, Management Consulting, Coaching, Organizational Development
Brian Johnson brings to the DPOUSA Special Council leadership, management, motivational, and strategic skill sets. His experience as a catcher in 8 seasons of Major League Baseball has developed into an operational perspective of business and management that brings considerable value to the DPOUSA Special Council.
Barbara Bickham
CTO (IoT, Mobile, Big Data), Award Winning REST API Writer, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, Board Member
Barbara Bickham is a CTO with extensive experience in Technology, Monetization, Digital/Mobile and Entrepreneurship. Her current areas of expertise are in Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Barbara brings to the DPOUSA Special Council an impressive network centered in Los Angeles with an expansive global radius, and she brings the ability to bridge the gap between professionals that speak in technology terms with professionals that speak primarily in financial terms.
Toi Cook
Sports Marketing, NFL, Branding, Management, Strategy, Motivation, Business Development, Start-ups, Negotiations, Entertainment
Toi Cook brings to the DPOUSA leadership, management, and strategic skill sets from successful careers on the field and in the boardroom. A football and baseball standout, he was inducted into the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014. Toi played in the NFL for 10 years, winning Super Bowl XXIX with the San Francisco 49ers. As the President of Empire Sports, he is an expert at bridging businesses with the sports and entertainment industries.
Todd Herschberg
Marketing, Branding, Strategic Partnerships, Growth, Community Building, Start-up Mentorship, SEO, Social Media, Public Speaking
Todd Herschberg brings to the DPOUSA Special Council the more than 20 years of experience working with early stage companies from inside and from without. He specializes in enterprise-scale eCommerce and fashion marketing, but has broad experience across multiple sectors. Todd has been at the forefront of Social Media and SEO from before they were recognized terms, and continues to be an in demand Digital Media expert.
Virginia Tate
Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation and Prevention, Insolvency, Restructuring and Taxation
Virginia Tate is the president of Elk Point, a multi-division Corporation. Ginny heads up the Tax, Accounting and Forensic Division which focuses on Litigation Support-Taxation-Investigation with clientele through out the world. Her career experience has made her a sought after courtroom expert, and an invaluable resource to the DPOUSA Special Council.
Patrick Monaghan
Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Asia and Emerging Markets, Private Equity. Venture Capital, Risk Management, Technology, Financial Analysis
Patrick Monaghan is an "operator's lawyer", with a creative, interdisciplinary and practical approach to building great companies. His perspective was forged by his experiences as an investor, entrepreneur, investment banker, and military officer (US Navy intelligence). His international expertise in law, and specifically as it pertains to Venture Capital is an invaluable resource to DPOUSA.
Matthew Schissler
Angel Investing, Biotechnolgy, Entreperenuership, Family Funds, M&A, Public Markets, Start-ups, Strategy, Venture Capital
As a Member of the DPOUSA Special Council, Matthew Schissler offers the experienced perspective of an entrepreneur, CEO of a public company, partner of family offices, and founder of private investment funds. He is an American business executive who has served in leadership roles in a number of privately and publicly held companies. He's most notable for having founded and managed Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI). He is currently a private investor, and also the managing partner and founder of Pyrenees Investments.
Christopher Pair Garza
Executive Management, Public Companies, Marketing, Strategy, Direct Selling, Product Development, Health and Nutrition, International Business
Christopher Pair Garza was President and CEO of Herbalife, the $5 Billion NYSE Global Nutrition and Personal Care Company. Before becoming CEO, his primary focus as EVP/ COO was international expansion. establishing profitable operations in 35 countries on 5 continents. He managed Global Business, including distribution, compliance, building Shanghai manufacturing facilities, buying raw materials, sales and marketing campaigns, managing inventory, and product development. Christopher brings an unparalleled level of experience and connections to DPOUSA.
Steve Raack
Technology, Start-ups, Strategic Planning, Operations, Social Media, Personal Care, Direct Selling, e-Commerce, Advisory Services
Steve Raack brings to DPOUSA over 22 years of diverse business growth experience with Billion dollar companies and start-ups, including successful exits. He has deep experience in strategy, operations, product development, technology and customer experience within the social media, personal care and direct selling industries. Steve is the CEO and Founder of [ n e w k l e u s ], a private label, video based digital community platform for brands including; product companies, sports teams, musicians, non-profits, media outlets, and more.
Keith Spears
Private Equity, Alternative Investments, Venture Capital, Due Diligence, Investment Banking, M&A, Real Estate, Valuation
Keith Spears is an alternative asset professional with a particular expertise in private equity. The DPOUSA Special Council is privileged to have his 27-years of experience- Keith has worked on over 100 transactions and investments that range from $1.0 million to well over $10 billion in size. He has led the due diligence effort on over 50 fund and co-investment opportunities and he has generated top quartile performance on behalf of his clients. Keith is the Chief Operating Officer & President, Private Equity at First Capital Real Estate Investments.
Jenna Sleefe
M & A, Integration, Conscious Leadership, Purpose-Drive Business, Equal Pay, Community Building, HIPAA Compliance, Non-Profits
Jenna Sleefe is a highly skilled business attorney with in-house legal experience involving over 40 acquisitions and $1.4 billion of transaction value. She brings to DPOUSA a unique perspective on acquisitions as Jenna has worn many hats in-house including corporate development, legal and integration. Her understanding of buyer transactions is evident in her accelerated career path and is a vital resource to the DPOUSA. Jenna currently serves as the Director of Acquisitions & Integration as well as the Chief Compliance Officer at Internet Brands, a portfolio company of KKR.
Dr. Howard Cohn
Howard Cohn brings to the DPOUSA a unique combination of skill sets from 27+ years of providing executive, celebrity, and professional athlete personal health programs at the renowned Cohn Health Institute. Additionally his expertise in educating, training, and formulating for 5 international nutrition based network marketing companies including co-founding the Top 100 company, SevenPoint2 bring immeasurable knowledge. His vast personal network spans nearly every industry where he and his team are provide innovative health solutions for industry and thought leaders globally.
Paul Knopick
Investor Relations, Public Relations, Emerging Growth Companies, Publicly Traded Companies, Mergers & Acquisitions
Paul Knopick has been a key member of senior management teams that successfully handled major investor and public relations crises at three major multi-billion dollar NYSE corporations and the tobacco industry. Since 1997 he has served as Principal of E & E Communications, a Company he founded, which provides quality investor and public relations to a number of superior NASDAQ, AMEX and OTC companies. Paul's expertise in human communication based investor and public relations brings an important element to the DPOUSA Special Council.
Tammy McDonald
Video Game Development, Publishing & Distribution, Start-ups, Business Development, Due Diligence, Strategic Planning, Original IP Development
Tammy McDonald brings to the DPOUSA Special Council over 20 years of executive expertise as an entrepreneur in the interactive and 3D entertainment industry, contributing to over 100 iconic entertainment franchise titles. She is well versed in the development pipeline on all platforms, strategic growth, business strategy & development, operations, outsourcing, and worldwide distribution of content. Her drive, passion and ability to connect key stakeholders provide invaluable resources to every project.
Earl Lum
Wireless, Telecommunications, LTE, RF, Semiconductors, 5G, WiFi, Strategic Partnerships, Start-ups. VC, IB, M&A, Market Research
Earl Lum is the President of EJL Wireless Research, and brings to the DPOUSA Special Council an unparalleled level of Wireless Market Intelligence. Mr. Lum has 20 years of experience within the wireless industry in both Silicon Valley and on Wall Street. His ability to accurately and realistically forecast within an ever changing marketplace is crucial information for Start-ups and M&A transactions alike.
Dave Underwood
Executive management, Enterprise organization, Board governance, Capital markets and "40 Act", Institutional large-scale asset management
G. David (Dave) Underwood’s professional background encompasses leadership roles in developing and running asset management organizations, executing restructurings, financial analysis and managing significant capital funds across a broad menu of asset classes, styles and disciplines in a variety of institutional and personal settings. He has consulted on investment policy, allocation, and the selection of assets and managers for plan sponsors and investment management firms.
Runa Bouius
Board Advisory, Inspirational & Motivational Speaking, Purpose-Driven Business, Conscious Leadership, Women Investing, Mentoring
Runa is a bold visionary leader, an entrepreneur and a former CEO from Iceland. She is a practiced professional with international scope and experience coupled with a high level of consciousness and heart to contribute, transform, and humanize today’s corporate business world. She brings to DPOUSA her sharp, sensitive eye for what works in the 21st century, her highly valuable blend of incisiveness and skilled influence on improving leadership and organizational outcomes.
Jerry Moore
Vision/Mission Conception, Strategic Planning, New Products, Business Development, Communication Planning, Message Strategy, Client Service, Budget/Time Management, Team Building, Social Media, Coaching/Mentoring
Jerry Moore's 30 years of experience is an invaluable resource to the DPOUSA Special Council, and DPOUSA platform opportunities. His expertise involves a wide range of strategic and tactical issues working in and for a variety of organizations including public broadcasting, major corporations, international advertising agencies, promotional agencies and his own management consulting practice.
Rick Smith
Venture Capital, News Placement, Media Relations, Investor Relations, Online Publishing, Print Media, Investment Banking, Non Profits
Rick Smith brings to DPOUSA decades of invaluable experience in working with and investing in companies from the start-up level to NYSE Fortune 500 firms. As the Chairman and CEO of NewsUSA, he brings an unparalleled level of resources and contacts to DPOUSA. NewsUSA serves most Fortune 500 companies, the top 50 PR Firms, more than 1,000 National Trade and Professional Associations, many Government Agencies, and numerous charitable foundations.
Pilar Stella
Conscious Capitalism, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Start-ups, Foundations, Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Public Speaking
Pilar Stella establishes bridges across sectors –public, private, nonprofit– connecting disciplines, cultures, and people to solve complex problems, leverage capital in disruptive ways and positively impact the planet. As a Member of the DPOUSA Special Council, she contributes global skill sets with an immense network of investors, family offices, foundations, companies, universities and government connections. Her expertise with portfolio diversification strategies, operations, and negotiations with higher returns has had a profound impact on her endeavors.
Patrick Howell
Investor Relations, Investment Banking Consulting, Financial and Arts Author/Blogger, Investment Conferences, Oil and Gas
Patrick A. Howell offers to DPOUSA significant skill sets and an immense network forged from nearly 25 years of experience as a financial services professional. He is the founder and executive director of the West Coast Wall Street Conference (San Diego Investment Conference, LLC), producing or co-sponsoring over 100 events since 2008. These events have exposed over 250 micro cap and middle market companies directly to a funding pipeline of over $3B. Patrick serves on the board of several non profits and he writes for the Huffington Post on business, culture, and where they intersect.
Shane Yang
Strategic Partnerships, Technology, Optics, Private Equity, M&A, Corporate Finance, Venture Finance, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing, Golf
Based out of Silicon Valley, Shane Yang advises start-ups and later stage companies on hardware and software product development with an emphasis on rapid prototyping and quick-turn manufacturing. His technical skill sets and global connections coupled with his extensive experience as a practicing attorney in the corporate, M&A, and venture financing realm make Shane an invaluable Member of the DPOUSA Special Council.
Silvia Davi
Global Public & Media Relations, External & Internal Communications Plans, Publicly Traded Companies, Strategic Partnerships
Silvia Davi brings to DPOUSA over 18 years of results-driven executive experience with special expertise in global communications and marketing. Currently the CMO of Equities.com. for 8 years she was the Vice President of Corporate Communications & Head of Global Media Strategy for NASDAQ.
Chris Ely
Directional Drilling, Drilling Optimization, Service Company Management, Corporate Direction and Culture, Structure and Strategy Implementation, Lean Process Management, Drilling Technology Applications, Investment and Risk Analysis
Chris Ely is a highly motivated executive that brings to DPOUSA expertise in the oil and gas sector. A leader with an ever positive outlook, Chris embraces and recognizes when change is necessary, with technology at the forefront. Building winning teams has been the cornerstone of success throughout his career.
Bernie Nicholls
National Hockey League, Public Speaking, Sports Management, Motivation, Business Development, Leadership, Coaching, Events, Public Relations
Bernie Nicholls had a 17-year professional career in the NHL, playing 1127 games for the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks. Now an entrepreneur, spokesperson, and a Coaching Consultant for the LA Kings, Bernie is a valuable member of the DPOUSA Special Council. His experience of his entire life in the public eye offers a one of a kind perspective on leadership, opportunities, and an incredible network.
Marian Lee
Film Production, Creative Content, Entrepreneurship, On-Air Talent, Stunt Actress, Social Media, Digital Media, Martial Arts, Millennial Marketing, Entertainment, Public Relations
Marian Lee is an internationally recognized travel and creative lifestyle writer, tv show producer, stunt actress, and filmmaker based out of Chicago, IL. She is the founder and creative director of the travel blog, Jet Set Go, which is currently being produced into a television series. As a Member of the DPOUSA Special Council, Marian brings the perspective and experience of a successful millennial on the cutting edge of the the digital media and content creation industries, as well as being an in-house host and source for future DPOUSA projects.
Brad Levy
Nonprofits, Philanthropy, Events, Entrepreneurship, Medical, Apparel, Entertainment, Executive Security
Brad Levy brings to the DPOUSA the spirit of a consummate entrepreneur driven to impact people's lives in a positive manner. He is the creator of an in-home, EEG monitoring protocol for the Autism and Epilepsy community. His passion is with nonprofits, and is the Co-Founder of Epilepsy Awareness Day, as well as the World Advocates & Resources for Epilepsy (WARE) Awareness Alliance. Brad's connections are unparalleled, with significant contacts in the medical, apparel, technology, entertainment, law enforcement, and executive security industries.
Kai Buehler
Strategic Partnerships, Digital Media, Entertainment, Content, Mobile Devices, Mobile Applications, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Start-ups
Kai Buehler, Ph.D., has successfully started, managed and sold a number of businesses in the mobile application, loyalty and interactive TV space. An accomplished innovator, entrepreneur, and visionary, he brings to the DPOUSA Special Council the experience of taking start-ups to exits. Through this, he has gained C-level, Public Company, and M&A experience.
Nancy Perlman
Technology, Innovation, Community, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Entertainment, Gaming, Los Angeles
Lifelong community-builder, Nancy Perlman empowers individuals and organizations to communicate, collaborate and shine, and is an invaluable asset to the DPOUSA Special Council. She has provided marketing and business development services for clients such as Mattel, Qualcomm, MTV, Nextel, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Sony, Electronic Arts, The Indy Racing League, and the LA Derby Dolls. Nancy works with the Los Angeles Mayor's office focusing on gender equity, technology & innovation.
Harry Lee
Technical Sales, Business Development, Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Start-Ups. Management, Real Estate, Mobile, SaaS
Harry Lee is a Sales and Business Development Executive who draws from nearly 20 years of technology experience. He is an invaluable Member of the DPOUSA Special Council as his career arc continues to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology. He pursues his passion in technology, science, digital mobile products and education through advisory positions. Harry's career crosses sales, business development, product management and general management positions.
Jake Villarreal
Entrepreneurship. Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Recruitment, Leadership, Management, Technology Innovation
Jake Villarreal is the CEO of Match Relevant, helping Start-ups scale their technology innovation teams. His firm specializes in assisting venture backed start-ups find the right technical talent for their venture. Jake brings to the DPOUSA Special Council an understanding of the staffing challenges and the solutions that technology based Start-ups face, along with the hands-on experience of creating successful operations from beginning to exit.
Stephanie Ardrey
Capital Formation, Real Estate Development, RE Finance, Venture Finance, Global Media, Capacity, Customer Acquisition Strategies
Stephanie Ardrey is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and educator. She brings to the DPOUSA Special Council over two decades of experience developing and executing innovate business strategies which have created measurable economic impact across business sectors. She is an Innovative entrepreneur that delivers business growth solutions (capital, capacity, and customer acquistion strategies) for hypergrowth organizations seeking solid, sustainable strategies.
Vincent Lui
Early Stage Tech Ventures, Venture Capital, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Business Development, Marketing, Operations Management, M&A
Vincent brings to DPOUSA Special Council an extensive entrepreneurial, investing and international operating experience from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies. His industry expertise spans across cybersecurity, fintech, IoT and other network infrastructure technologies. He is also passionate about new energy and sustainability technologies and services.
Blair Dahl
Blair Dahl brings to the DPOUSA Special Council expertise in launching consumer products and housewares, as well as 25 years experience in serving the real estate needs of middle market manufacturers and institutional owners. He is now designing, manufacturing and selling chefs cutlery with proprietary metal technology and has launched start-ups in industrial cutting tools and cycling components.
Cheryl Tungka-Ong
Strategy Planning, Go-To-Market, International Commercial Operations, e-Commerce, Product Commercialization, Global Business
Cheryl Tungka-Ong is a multi-disciplinary, broad-minded global business manager with strong cross-functional people management effectiveness. Her experience and perspective in Global Business coupled with her network within global conglomerates and throughout Asia provides the DPOUSA Special Council with distinctive assets.
Drew Marino
Sports and Entertainment, Sports Facilities Development, Coaching, Evaluation, Team Building, Motivational Speaking
Drew Marino provides Sports Management Consulting Services, bringing to the DPOUSA Special Council experience, knowledge, and a network in the ever growing business of athletics. Specializing in the planning, design, management, and marketing for sports facilities, his experience, includes 9 years as a coach with the New York Mets.
LeRoy Irvin
NFL, Marketing, Leadership, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Strategic Partnerships, Entrepreneurship, Team Building, Public Speaking, Coaching, Fundraising
LeRoy Irvin is a 10-year veteran of the NFL. Playing for the Los Angeles Rams from 1980 to 1989, and named All-Pro four times. He has leveraged his football experience into a successful career and his perspectives on marketing, licensing, and leadership are all significant assets for the DPOUSA Special Council. As a testament to his value and strength as a teammate, to this day he remains partners with former LA Rams teammates.
Jordan Weber
Talent Acquisition, Strategic Planning, Commercial Finance, Investor Relations, Business Development, Start-Ups, Accelerated Growth, Social Media, Millennial Development
Jordan Weber is an influencer in the recruiting and talent space, with a particular focus on talent as an impetus for growth. She has experience in commercial finance and strategic growth planning, which gives her the eye for the right people to grow firms and generate revenue. She brings to DPOUSA the unique expertise of aligning financial and talent objectives.
Steve Brumer
Global Strategy / Wireless / Technology / Mobile Devices / Start-ups / Entrepreneurship / Go-to-Market Strategy
Steve Brumer is an executive with global experience that brings to DPOUSA an immense network and experience in the technology and wireless industries. He is a Partner with 151 Advisors, a global execution-focused strategy and consulting firm that is working with the executive leadership team at wireless and technology companies from early to growth stage with talent, expertise and relationship connections. He has a track record of growth, expansion and increasing shareholder value by creating executable plans.
Jonathan Turner
Ethics, Integrity, Compliance Mergers & Acquisition; Finance, Healthcare and highly regulated sectors
Jonathan provides to the DPOUSA Special Council sought after and extensive experience. Advisor to founders, investors, boards and executives; With over 25 years as a leader in structuring, establishing and managing global ethics and integrity programs; extensive Mergers & Integration experience; Particular focus on driving value added systems in highly regulated industries.
Manoj Gopinath
Strategic Marketing / Content Production / Business Development / Music Supervision / Platinum Producer / Composer / Songwriter
Emmy award winner and platinum certified producer Manoj Gopinath has over 13 years experience in the music and television industries. Manoj brings to the DPOUSA an impressive network centered in the music and entertainment industries, and far reaching into business and technology. He has produced and engineered music for artists such as Common and Eric Bellinger, while also music supervising for content on ESPN, Current TV and ABC. Manoj has also created and produced a number of high profile experiential marketing events including at the Grammys, the Superbowl, the Espys, SXSW, Coachella and A3C.
Emilio Mahomar
Emilio Mahomar is the CEO of Resilient Media & Resilient Resources. He brings to DPOUSA over 18 years experience working in media, including with global entities such as Sony, Time Warner, Disney, A&E, and Starz. Emilio also provides business development and consulting services in the Diversity Space, introducing women and minority owned firms to corporations and government agencies seeking to meet their Diversity Spend Goals. He also represents US and Latin American companies, and governments conduct business globally.
Eric Weber
Japan Market Expert, Consumer Products, Branding, Marketing, Big Box Dist., eCommerce, M&A, Turnaround, Luxury Goods, Pet Products, Toys, Start-Ups-Fortune 100
Eric Weber brings to DPOUSA invaluable expertise of being a true expert in the Consumer Products industry. He has 20+ years’ of high level experience in the toys, gift, food, luxury goods and internet with such companies as Nakajima (Sanrio), Frito-Lay, Nestle, Mattel, Yvolution and internet start-ups. Experience includes; excellence in sales with large box retailers, specialty and natural food channels M&A and turnaround experience in multicultural environments, international distribution and management.
Justin Frandson
Athleticism Peformance, Health and Wellness, Strategic Sales and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups
As a Member of the DPOUSA Special Council, Justin brings a leadership style and creative vision that combines experience, situational fluency and decisiveness with collaboration, awareness and compassion. Through his expertise in health and athleticism performance merged with his business acumen he has built an incredible network of professional athletes, teams, organizations and corporations who have directly benefited from his training and programs.
Antwain Thomas
Military Security Policy, Global Business Affairs, Business Intelligence, Government, Social Networking, Veteran Affairs
Antwain Thomas is an example of an American who began his career arc with a focus in leadership, public service, and service in the United States Navy. His experience in Naval Intelligence led to a private industry focus in International Affairs and Global Business. Antwain’s drive to find areas where government and business can work together for the common good emphasizes the goals of DPOUSA.
Timothy McCreery
Venture Capital, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Private Investor, Private Equity, Turnaround
Timothy McCreery is an operational leader with experience in Venture Capital, Fortune 42, Private Equity, and Turnaround experience. He brings to the DPOUSA Special Council expertise in the food & beverage industry, with a history of accelerated results and success.
Chris Hoskins
Commercial Real Estate Development, Acquisition, and Management, Import/Export, Wineries, Manufacturing, Distribution, Philanthropy, Fundraising, Muscle Cars
Chris Hoskins brings to the DPOUSA Special Council the unique perspective of being a consummate entrepreneur and Commercial Real Estate Developer. Chris acquires, develops, and utilizes the real estate necessary for his entrepreneurial pursuits, including self storage, apartment communities, wineries, and ports.