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Brexit text with British and Eu flags illustration

Brexit text with British and Eu flags illustration

Regardless of one's politics, or opinion regarding Brexit, we see again the masses freaking out AFTER the fact. Life is short- do what you can, WHEN you can. Business & all aspects of life, if you sit & wait, who knows what might happen. You might not like the result, & always wonder, "What if?"

This article shows how much of the UK understood what was happening:

Wouldn't be too much different here in the US.

Everyone I have spoken to today wants my opinion regarding Brexit. My take of whether it is right or doesn't matter. It happened. As the global markets freak out in the short term, as it always does in times of uncertainty, the focus should be on the future. If handled correctly it may make sense for the United Kingdom, and for the United States. UK will need a best friend, and it certainly won't be someone in the EU. Even if UK clusters it up, there will be opportunity in the distress.

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