DPOUSA is a financial platform providing client companies the opportunity to have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year visibility of a direct public offering to a growing base of over 33,000 investors and 1,200 media outlets.

DPOUSA merges technology with human experience and interaction to create an environment where deals get done. With the access and scalability technology provides, coupled with the tried and true touch of building human relationships, deals get done.

Through its accessibility and appeal to a broader base of capital sources, DPOUSA is a platform for companies at any stage seeking capital - from seed to growth to exit.


You keep what you raise.

DPOUSA is a financial media marketing platform that presents transactions to accredited investors.  DPOUSA services are flat fees designed to market your capital raise.  Whether you are using a crowdfunding portal, a broker-dealer, or doing it on your own, DPOUSA is a cost efficient means to access accredited investors. At DPOUSA, we believe in doing whatever we can to make companies successful, and that includes maximizing your bottom line.


It's in the database.

DPOUSA has a proprietary database of over 33,000 accredited investors.  This includes private equity funds, venture capitalists, family offices, high net worth individuals, and other financial institutions that cumulatively represent over $500 billion in available capital.

Even more - DPOUSA regularly pushes press releases to over 1,200 media outlets, so your company gets exposure and credibility.

HOW DPOUSA WORKS (4 easy steps)


Submit the Basic Listing Fee and Application


A DPOUSA representative will contact you via email with an intake form- fill out the form and send it back with supporting documents


DPOUSA will post your basic listing, and the DPOUSA Special Council will review your transaction for Direct Investor Service Consideration


If approved by the DPOUSA Special Council, you will be eligible for a deeper engagement with over 33,000 accredited investors

DPOUSA has a wide reach with over 33,000 accredited investors in its database, and is regularly featured in over 1,200 news portals online, as well as in print and on radio.


Accredited Investors
Media Outlets

...and many more!

DPOUSA exists to help our country grow, expand, and lead by helping businesses to be created, expanded, acquired and transferred. Our companies create careers and jobs in America and we empower our client companies with tools, talent, and exposure so they can expand ideas, speed growth, break boundaries, and realize the American Dream.